When professional photographer Jennifer Loomis was thinking of adopting a child, she was surprised and saddened at the poor quality of the photographs on the profiles of children waiting to be adopted. She emailed Northwest Adoption Exchange offering her services, thinking that a good photograph on their profile could help these children find a family.

That email resulted in a two-day photo session with the help of fellow photographer Rocky Salskov of primarily older, hard to place male children. The result was that almost 50% of the children photographed were adopted. An example of before and after photographs are these of Deon, as seen in the article by CNN, and who was successfully adopted after his photoshoot.


Adopt-A-Child Photography is a collaboration between Jennifer Loomis Photography and the Northwest Adoption Exchange that recruits and trains professional photographers to take photographs of children waiting to be adopted for their online profiles in the State of Washington.

Created by Jennifer Loomis with the help of Bryna Desper from  Northwest Adoption Exchange, Adopt-A-Child Photography is currently planning its first training on March 19, 2015 for photographers in King and Pierce Counties. Plans are being made to recruit and hold trainings for other counties and in Eastern Washington. Learn more about the training or how you can help.

Adopt-A-Child Photograph (AACP) is supported by SEED (www.SEEDSeattle.org)