For Care Workers

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Why contact AACP photographers?

This free service brings value to the profiles of children looking for adoptive families.

  • Profiles see an average 129% increase in page views after being updated with professional-quality portraits by AACP.
  • AACP portrait sessions highlight the personalities and interests of youths.
  • Participating in an AACP photo shoot gives youth the opportunity to feel empowered in adoption recruitment and take a leading role in how they’re presented to families.
  • Youth get to keep digital copies of their AACP photos that they can be proud of.
  • AACP photographers are available to travel, and can work directly with placement providers or private agency staff to arrange sessions that work for all parties involved.
  • New photos can be a great way to reinvigorate adoption recruitment efforts for a child who is ready and eager for permanency.
  • Here’s feedback that NWAE has received from families after seeing AACP photos on the website:
    • “Upon seeing their photos and reading the child’s profile, I immediately felt a connection with them.”
    • “I just felt in love with this child after looking at his pictures!”
    • “When I saw her profile and pictures I felt like I was supposed to inquire about adopting her.”

DSHS social workers and staff of private agencies who are engaged in contracted adoption recruitment services are eligible to refer a child to AACP.

Click here to submit a photo request.