Professional Photographers Needed

Adopt a Child Photography Behind the Scenes1Adopt-A-Child Photography is recruiting photographers to become a part of our second team of volunteer photographers making a difference in the lives of children in foster care.

Photographers must apply with a one-page statement about why they want to be a part of this organization, submit a body of portrait work, a resume and references. Applications are reviewed by Jennifer Loomis, and her team.  Selected photographers undergo a criminal background check and must attend a mandatory half-day training held by Adopt-A-Child Photography and Northwest Adoption Exchange.

The training includes sensitivity training on how to work with this unique population, special techniques for photographing, legal issues of photographing the children, and how their images will be used. Once trained, these photographers’ names will be added to a list on an internal state website of resources. Social workers call a photographer in their area when a child needs an updated profile photo. The photographer will be expected to drive to the child, unless the social worker or foster parent is willing to bring the child to the photographer’s studio.

Applications for our Second Team are Due: June 21, 2016

Our Second TRAINING will be in the fall

Adopt-A-Child Photography is a collaboration between Jennifer Loomis Photography and the Northwest Adoption Exchange that recruits and trains professional photographers to take photographs of children waiting to be adopted for their online profiles in the State of Washington.

Adopt-A-Child Photograph (AACP) is supported by SEED (