Adopt-A-Child Photography (AACP) is a collaboration between its founder, Jennifer Loomis, and the Northwest Adoption Exchange. Today, AACP recruits and trains professional photographers to work with the specific needs of children waiting to be adopted in Washington state. Professional portraits increase inquiries about children who are interested in being adopted; therefore, increasing their chances of finding a permanent family.

An example of before and after photographs are these of Deon, as seen in the article by CNN and below. Deon was successfully adopted after his photo session.

Jennifer Loomis, AACP Founder

The idea for AACP came about when Jennifer Loomis, of Jennier Loomis Photography, was thinking of adopting a child. She was surprised and saddened at the lack of quality photographs the children’s profiles had. She emailed Northwest Adoption Exchange to offer her services, thinking that professional portraits on the children’s profiles could help them find a family.

That email resulted in a two-day photo session for older, male children who often face barriers in the adoption process because of their age and gender. Almost 50 percent of the children photographed were adopted. The photo session was made possible thanks to the help of fellow photographer Rocky Salskov.

Rachel Seymour, AACP Director

Now, Rachel Anne Seymour is serving as the director of AACP. She became involved in the organization during 2018 and has since stepped up to support AACP in a larger capacity. Rachel has a background in documentary photography and multimedia journalism. She now works as a strategic communications professional.

AACP is supported by SEED.