Request a Photo Session

Social workers with the Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) and staff of private agencies who are engaged in contracted adoption recruitment services with Northwest Adoption Exchange are eligible to request a photo session with Adopt-A-Child Photography (AACP) and its photographers.

AACP operates only in Washington state.

AACP works with professional photographer who volunteer their time, because professional portraits are proven to significantly increase the likelihood youth will be adopted.

What we need to know for a photo session:

  • Is the youth registered with Northwest Adoption Exchange (NWAE)? Please confirm the youth(s) is registered with our partners at Northwest Adoption Exchange. We will not search for a volunteer until this information is confirmed.
  • Does the youth know about the photo session and want to have the session? It is extremely important the youth know and have a say in this process. This is mandatory for AACP and our partners at Northwest Adoption Exchange. We will not pair a volunteer with a photo session until the youth knows about the photo session.
  • How many youth will be at the photo session? If there are multiple youth, please let us know how they are related and if they need portraits together as well as separate.
  • Where is the youth(s) generally located (city and/or neighborhood)? This will help us find a volunteer. We cannot search for a volunteer without this information.

Contact AACP at

The Benefit of Professional Portraits

  • Profiles see an average 129% increase in page views after being updated with professional-quality portraits by AACP.
  • AACP portrait sessions highlight the personalities and interests of youths.
  • Participating in an AACP photo shoot gives youth the opportunity to feel empowered in adoption recruitment and take a leading role in how they’re presented to families.
  • Youth get to keep digital copies of their AACP photos that they can be proud of.
  • AACP photographers are available to travel, and can work directly with placement providers or private agency staff to arrange sessions that work for all parties involved.
  • New photos can be a great way to reinvigorate adoption recruitment efforts for a youth who is ready and eager for an adoptive family.

Feedback from families after seeing profiles with AACP photos:

  • “Upon seeing their photos and reading the child’s profile, I immediately felt a connection with them.”
  • “I just felt in love with this child after looking at his pictures!”
  • “When I saw her profile and pictures I felt like I was supposed to inquire about adopting her.”